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Because I
Inhale and choke on
smoke, the wisps of you
in my bloodstream.
Head heady and laugh
because I need this –
relaxing muscles and mind
through searing throats;
Lungs sucking in suffocating trailers,
smoke drifting as music
shifts me.
The first time always burns
Holes in my wallet for
ounces of you.
For a dime let’s lose
ourselves in my world –
Shaped loosely by your
billowy touch, my
mind fills the rest.
Music soothes more than
you do
until I’m cut off.
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Her Name is Kaida Ch. 2
Kaida looked around at the small apartment as Ian closed the door behind them. It was small, the kitchen and 'Parlor?' she thought, fused into one. There was a door between the open space and what she could see of Ian's bedroom. The door was cracked open and she could see tiles on the floor. Curiosity begged her to look, but she restrained herself. The entire place was filled with unfamiliar things and if she allowed herself to be distracted, she would never be able to return home with help.
“So Kayda, are you some Renaissance actor? Is there a show in town I haven't heard of?”
“My name is pronounced Kaida. I am no actor. I am merely passing through, seeking aid.”
“Sorry, Kaida.” He then frowned. “Why do you need help? What's wrong?”
“My people art in grave peril. I must return with the aid of someone who can convince our enemy to cease their slaughter of my brothers and sisters.”
“Slau- You guys are being killed?
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Her Name is Kaida Ch. 1
The day was giving into the night with the setting sun leaving behind temporary purples and pinks. The colors were lost on a young woman picking her way through tall grass and bushes. A few trees loomed over her, providing unnecessary shade from the waning heat. In fact, she shivered and pulled her dark cloak closer to her body. In the same motion, she hiked up the hem of her white dress, trying to keep from tripping over it for the umpteenth time. She looked up to see the mountainside she had been following was nearly in front of her.
“At last..,” she breathed. She pulled the hem up further and ran through the rest of the grass until it cleared. She paused at the edge of a half-circle of barren ground. It was placed in front of the cave she had been seeking. The entrance was smaller than she expected and nearly blended into the surrounding wall, thanks to the last bits of sunlight fading away. She strolled up to the hole in the mountain and carefully ducked into it, mindfu
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Secret 7 :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 4 1
Mature content
Trapped Ch. 3 :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 0 0
Mature content
Hey, He Died For You :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 0 1
Better Days
Better Days
My two favorite days
Do not look to home from work
With the Texan sun bloating
Eyes and sand etching skin deep like
The bugs my wife finds in laundry
And hopes isn’t in lunch
My two favorite days
Do not go to the pool hall
With my buddies so we can
Set fire to grape juice as
Our shots at solids and stripes
Keep white and pocket black
My two favorite days
Do not wake with the sun
Hoping for brown eggs and a scheme
As my children thunder in the kitchen
For morning meal and I hear
Grace whispered by four-year lips
My two favorite days
Do not magnetize me to the armory
Where we shoot biweekly trials
Littering safety with shells and white
Dents to prove the durability of
Our product and faith
My two favorite days
Are filled with my wife mixing
With chicken and veggies my
Children and a bubble pool
Songs that sound like dogs barking
And crocodile hands snapping on discs
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Mature content
The Gamble :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 0 0
Mature content
Trapped Ch. 2 :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 0 0
Mature content
Trapped Ch. 1 :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 0 5
The Knights of Mark :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 22 31
Mature content
2014 ID :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 1 3
Hero Kissy :iconchris-toe-fur:chris-toe-fur 1 1
Love Me Today
Love me today,
For I cannot promise tomorrow

I may be whisked off to a new land,
Where adventures will await around every corner
And I find myself with no time for you
I may lose interest in you;
Find every fault you have and hate you,
Then wish to never see you again
I may be a victim.
It will be too late for your words;
I won't be able to hear you then
Don't waste your time
By forgetting me.
Your past actions keep me going,
But tomorrow may be our enemy.
Love me today,
For tomorrow is when time runs out.
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To Be Queen
There was a hallowed silence that clung to the air, stifling all sounds that may have been normally made. Solemnity was melded into the ice that created the hallways a sole being navigated. Alternating dark and light spots hid and revealed a tall, feminine figure clad in a simple violet dress. Lazuli, ruling queen of the planet Pluto, walked past windows streaming star light and into stretches of shadow, only to repeat the process when she entered the beams. Her silver-white hair glistened no matter the lighting, a simple gold ringlet resting on her head, her ice-blue skin reflecting the star light coldly while purple eyes stared ahead stonily but turned inward all the same. Her steps’ echoes were the only sound made and they shattered the silence with each crisp ‘click’.
She approached an intricately designed wall at the end of the hallway. Lines were seen carved into the ice in the formation of a door and its frame, patterns adorning the frame. She paused and her ey
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I want to love you
I want to wrap you up in my arms and hold you until your heart softens and beats with mine
I want to show you how much you mean to me with

I want to press soft kisses pressed into your skin so you know that you are beautiful loved
I want to look into your eyes and have you look back so you can see how much I love you
I want to spend the whole night worshiping you, and only you
You won't let me
You're too far from me, where I can never touch you
All you Your heart is sealed off and your thoughts barred from me
It makes me sad to see you like this
Those words you spoke, against yourself, killed me
Can't you see you're loved?
I'm not good with words but with action I can
Let me love you
Let my arms warm your heart
Let my eyes see your thoughts
Let my kiss ease your pain
Let me
Let me in
Before it's too late...
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Just a new journal to get rid of the old one. Things are pretty good. How are you? Btw, I got a new kitten~
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